Danish Bhatti I am a Neurologist who specializes in the treatment of Movement Disorders. My primary interest is in Parkinson’s Disease (PD). After joining University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) as faculty, I developed and became the Co-Director of Comprehensive Multi-disciplinary PD Clinic at UNMC. As a fellow at UNMC, I initiated the Orthostatic Tremor (OT) Research project which grew to become the largest ever prospective ongoing research project on OT, supporting multiple ongoing studies that I continue to be actively involved with it. I coordinated and participated in 3 International OT meetings at UNMC to conduct the research on this rare condition. I have strong interest in PD neuroprotection and participated in study of Leukine (GM-CSF) for immune-modulation in Parkinson’s Disease, which is a Phase 1a study. As a member of PD Study Group (PSG), I continued this research and am currently participating in 3 Multi-center PSG sponsored neuroprotection trials including STEADY-PD3 (Site Sub-I), SURE-PD3 (Site PI), and NILO-PD (Site PI). I recently expanded by research in PD to investigate driver safety in PD, and have developed novel mobile applications to measure a PD individual’s changing motor symptoms via finger-tapping and their self-awareness of these motor symptoms, which is modulated by complex cognitive and disease factors.

Positions and Employment

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha NE
  • Director, International Neurology Program and Observership Program
  • Co-Director, Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Parkinson Disease Clinic
  • Associate Director, Movement Disorders Fellowship Program
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biomechanics, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

  • 2009-present    Member, American Academy of Neurology (AAN)
  • 2012-present     Member, International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society (MDS)
  • 2014-present     Member, International Neurotoxin Association (INA)
  • 2014-present     Member and Co-chair, MERIT Committee, Association of Pakistani Physicians in North America (APPNA)
  • 2014-present     Member, King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America (KEMCAANA)
  • 2015-present     Member, Parkinson Study Group (PSG)
  • 2015-present     Member and Advisor, Pakistan Society of Neurology (PSN)
  • 2015-present     Founding Member and Advisor, Movement Disorders Society of Pakistan (MDSP)
  • 2017-present     Chair Education Committee, Pakistan International Neuroscience Society (PINS)

Awards and Honors

  • 2017    Nomination for Innovative Practice in Education award
  • 2017     International Best Teacher Award, Pakistan Society of Neurology
  • 2017     Most Innovative Teaching Award, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • 2017     Awarded Visiting Professorship by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan at National University of Medical Sciences in Pakistan.
  • 2016     Awards for Workshops in Movement Disorders by Pakistan Society of Neurology
  • 2016-present     Residency Clinical Competency Committee, member
  • 2016-present     Chair Outreach SWOT Committee
  • 2015-present     Chair Residency Curriculum Committee
  • 2012-2016     UNMC Committee on Global Health, member
  • 2015     Organized 1st National Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders Meeting in Pakistan
  • 2015     Founding member of Movement Disorders Society of Pakistan
  • 2011-2012     Administrative Chief Resident and member of Chief Residents Council
  • 2011-2012     Department Chair Selection Committee, member


  • Junaid H Siddiqui, MD, MRCP; Danish Bhatti, MD; Fahd Alsubaie, MBBS; Movement Disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation in the Middle East. World Neurosurgery (In press) WNS-17-1464R1
  • Danish Bhatti, Rebecca Thompson, Yiwen Xia, Amy Hellman, Lorene Schmaderer, Katie Suing , Jennifer McKunec, Cynthia Penke , Regan Iske, Bobbi Jo Roeder, John Bertoni, Diego Torres Russotto. Comprehensive, blinded assessment of balance in orthostatic tremor. Parkinsonism and Related Disorder (doi.org/10.1016/j.parkreldis.2017.11.335)
  • Lenka A, Pal PK, Bhatti DE, Louis ED. Pathogenesis of Primary Orthostatic Tremor: Current Concepts and Controversies. Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements 2017;7. Doi: 10.7916/D8W66ZBH
  • Bhatti D, Thompson R J, Hellman A M, Penke C, Bertoni J, Torres-Russotto D. Smartphone Apps provide a simple, accurate bedside screening tool for Orthostatic Tremor (in press, Movement Disorders in Clinical Practice MDCP-17-0129.R1)
  • Kerui Xu, M.P.H, Ph.D(c); Nada Alnaji, M.P.H, M.D.; John M. Bertoni, M.D., Ph.D; Li-Wu Chen, M.H.S.A, Ph.D; Danish Bhatti, M.D; Fei Jiang, M.P.H; Ming Qu, M.D., Ph.D Comorbid conditions in Parkinson’s disease: a population-based study of statewide Parkinson’s Disease Registry. Neuroepidemiology 2017 Dec 22;50(1-2):7-17.
  • Howard E. Gendelman, Yuning Zhang, Pamela Santamaria, Katherine E. Olson, Charles R. Schutt, Danish Bhatti, Bhagya Laxmi Dyavar Shetty, Yaman Lu, Katherine A. Estes, David G. Standaert, Elizabeth Heinrichs-Graham, LuAnn Larson, Jane L. Meza, Matthew Follett, Erica Forsberg, Gary Siuzdak, Tony W. Wilson, Carolyn Peterson & R. Lee Mosley. Evaluation of the safety and immunomodulatory effects of sargramostim in a randomized, double-blind phase 1 clinical Parkinson’s disease trial. NPJ Parkinsons Dis. 2017 Mar 23;3:10
  • Michelle Fullard, Dylan Thibault, Andrew Hill, Joellyn Fox, Danish Bhatti, Michelle A. Burack, Nabila Dahodwala, Elizabeth Haberfeld, Drew Kern, Olga S Klepitskaya, Enrique Urrea-Mendoza, Phillip Myers, John G. Nutt, Miriam Rafferty, Jason M. Schwalb, Lisa M. Shulman, and Allison W. Willis. Utilization of Rehabilitation Therapy Services in Parkinson’s disease in the United States. Parkinson Study Group Healthcare Outcomes and Disparities Working Group. Neurology. 2017 Aug 23
  • Bhatti D, Balasetti V., Malgireddy K., Rush ET, Torres-Russotto D. Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive behavior, and dysmorphic features in a patient with deletions at chromosome 18q22.1 and chromosome 13q12.3-q13.1. Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2016 Nov;32:133-134.
  • Bhatti D, Torres-Russotto D. Pharmacological Management of Psychosis in Parkinson Disease: A Review. Current Drug Therapy 2012, 7, 151-163
  • Bhatti D, Thompson R, Malgireddy K, Bayer B, Bessette D, Fleisher M, Murman D, Torres-Russotto D, Anxiety spectrum disorders are common in patients with orthostatic tremor”. (submitted)


  • Resident Block Curriculum with Mini-Courses: I directed designing and transition of the Resident didactics into blocks or mini-courses covering all sub-specialties. Each mini-course is directed by a sub-speciality faculty having its own curriculum, blending into a larger comprehensive curriculum.
  • Blended Learning in Movement Disorders: This 5-week long Blended learning course was created for the Neurology resident at UNMC and conducted in 2017 with face to face weekly didactics and online component of reading materials and assignments and quizzes.
  • Online Learning in Movement Disorders: This is a 6-month online course that was created using Moodle Learning Management System and delivered as distance learning online to first cohort of 18 Neurologists and residents in 2017. The course included lectures, quizzes and assignments delivered in 12 modules. It will be repeated and expanded over time.
  • Online Mini Fellowship in Stroke: A 6-month online course is being developed to be delivered as distance online learning for Neurologists and neurology residents. The course will include lectures, quizzes and assignments delivered in 12 modules.
  • Visiting Scholars Program: I have developed a program for international neurology faculty to visit UNMC for sub-specialty focused and goal-directed exposure to our practices to transfer skills and fill knowledge gaps internationally.


  • 2017      Patient Awareness and Education Seminar on Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for Essential Tremor. UNMC, Omaha NE
  • 2017      Parkinson Disease the battle between Brain and Mind. News article, p 138, Feb 2017. Omaha Magazine
  • 2017     Living with Parkinson Disease: Stories of Courage, Annual Parkinson’s Disease patient and caregiver symposium, Omaha NE
  • 2017      Risk Factors for Parkinson Disease, Annual Parkinson Disease CME conference, UNMC, Omaha NE
  • 2016      Risk Factors for PD, Annual PD Symposium, Omaha NE
  • 2016      Risk Factors for PD, Annual IA APDA symposium, Sioux City, IA
  • 2016      Nebraska Medicine Newsletter, Points of Care: PD Comprehensive Clinic
  • 2016      TV appearance: UNO Television – KYNE-TV Channel 26 (Nebraska ETV Network) and KUON-TV Channel 12
  • 2015      Annual PD Symposium for Patients and Caregiver, Omaha NE. Role of Genetics in Parkinson Disease
  • 2015      Newspaper Article: Errant Tennis serve toss symptom of PD (The Grand Island Independent Nov 22nd 2015; World Herald News Nov 29th 2015)
  • 2014      Annual PD Symposium for Patients and Caregiver, Omaha NE. What is Atypical Parkinsonism?
  • 2014      HD Genetics 101Huntington Disease Conference Fall 2014, Omaha NE
  • 2014      Healthy living with Parkinson. APDA NE support groups,
  • 2014      Ask the Experts. APDA NE support groups
  • 2014      APDA newsletter articles (multiple)
  • 2014      What Can I do for my Tremor? UNMC Blog article
  • 2013     Annual PD Symposium for Patients and Caregiver, Omaha NE.
  • 2013      Omaha Health Expo. Living Well with Parkinson Disease. Patient and Caregiver Question Answer session
  • 2012      Annual PD Symposium for Patients and Caregiver, Omaha NE.

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About Me

About Me

This is a blog about various aspects of my professional side. I am a Movement Disorder Neurologist with strong focus on Parkinson's disease program development with clinical care and research, outreach and patient education. I'm an educator with a strong interest and passion in innovative methods including online learning and blended learning as they apply to clinical education or education of the medical students or more often physicians in training and practice (Continuing Medical Education). I am also using this platform to share personal achievements and sometimes general ideas which I believe are worth sharing.

I am a Movement Disorder neurologist interested in innovative medical education and use of technology in education and clinical care of my patients. My primary interest is in Parkinson Disease and am currently involved in online courses in Movement Disorders and Research with Parkinson Study Group in Neuro-protection. My hobby is biosensors and smartphone applications for diagnosis.

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